• You could say that Pilates is the Art of making time work for you, instead of against you.
  • The best answer I've ever heard to the question of "What is Pilates?" is that it is a system of Corrective Exercises.
  • I help people understand what is causing their pain so they can work on it ALL the time, not just when they are in class.
  • Shaping the body from the inside out appeals to both logic and intuition.
  • Nothing you do one, or even three, hours a week is going to reverse years of postural damage...we study to make every breath of the day a productive and corrective event.
  • The beauty of the Pilates system is how the various exercises inter-relate, from Mat to Machine and back again.

What is PMA Certification?

What is PMA Certification?

Eric Schimel
Why we need the PMA For those of you who don't know, the Pilates Method Alliance is the modern and only regulating and certifying body in the Pilates Universe. Those of you who are familiar with it are aware that the world owes it a considerable debt. Had it not arisen around the turn of the millennium the presence and persistence of Pilates would be very different, and not for the better in my opinion. Not only am I certified by the PMA but I am slightly connected to its constructi…
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6 months agoWhat is PMA Certification?
Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Eric Schimel
  A New Concept in Pilates Mat Well, what's so new about it? After 8 years and nearly 500 mat classes taught, it is clear to us that the hardest thing of all is integrating new people! If you are lucky enough to have a class full of folks who work smart as well as hard, where does the newbie fit in? Does the whole class idle while they get up to speed, or does the newbie cower in the background and get ignored in their confusion? We have based our whole concept on facin…
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7 months agoOur Philosophy
About Eric

About Eric

Eric Schimel
Unlike most Pilates instructors who come from the worlds of Yoga and Ballet, Eric's background is in the Martial Arts. He has incorporated his own unique background into the classical Pilates tradition to create a highly effective training system which is then tailored to the widely varied needs of his clients. Eric is a proud graduate of the Pilates of Austin Certification Program. He has taught Pilates at the PCA as well as at the University of Texas. Most recently, he was a gue…
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7 months agoAbout Eric

The Neutral Zone

Neutral Spine is a valuable concept and an invaluable tool in the pursuits of Pilates. As I described in the preceding blog I feel it has gone too far in the minds of some teachers and their students. There are those who have come to think that ALL Pilates movements...

Neutral Spine Gone Wild!

Neutral Spine Gone Wild! I am a Pilates teacher, so neutral spine is my product and my goal. Thing is, it has a dual character and I believe it’s two aspects get unproductively blended together. One one hand it is part of the ultimate goal of our work, a spine...

The ups and downs of Swan

The ups and downs of Swan On the good side Swan is perfectly niched and on the bad side it’s a bit inaccessible. I’ll explain. Ups The essential benefit of the Swan is to decrease thoracic curvature a.k.a. kyphosis. Structurally, this is tricky territory....

What is Core?

What is Core? Arguably one of the most overused, least understood words in the modern vernacular and surely the most abused one in the world of Pilates, “Core” has become like the Golden Fleece. It’s surface meaning is shiny and desirable and...

Good Pilates Form – Is There Such a Thing?

Form When a word gets loaded down with multiple meanings it often indicates a complex concept that is simply hard to put into words. Words like “Grace”, or “Right” have many interpretations but they aren’t random homonyms, all those...

The day I made my bones

The day I made my bones This is a light hearted tale of my early days teaching for the great WLB in Austin, Tx. It contains a little wisdom for all Pilates peeps, both client and instructor, regarding the dangers of doing things exactly as taught and the virtues of an...

Core: An Overview

Core: An Overview Bit of a screed coming so here’s my disclaimer. This is just my opinion and no one else’s, well informed folks may differ. All I’d ask is that you let research fuel your intuition. That said, I am constantly disappointed by...

More Pilates and the Martial Arts

More Pilates and the Martial Arts Another in this series about how Pilates can be of benefit to Martial Artists, this one of particular interest to wrestlers and grapplers. We have already touched upon the idea of strengthening and stabilizing the shoulder girdle by...

The Advanced Reformer in Under and Hour

The Advanced Reformer in Under and Hour: A How to As I blurted out to end my last post, I claim to do and teach the Advanced Reformer in an hour or less and that myself and students have done this repeatedly. To the educated this claim may seem questionable or even...
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